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Hello!! Welcome all to my new storefront! I hope you guys like everything from the colors to the products themselves~

I have always wanted to run a blog, but I never believed I'd have an audience that would listen to what I had to say. I'm not the best at writing either as sometimes my thoughts run faster than I could type. I'll reread what I wrote, and of course like any other person would probably do, go back and delete everything and start from scratch again.

Through lots of self love and positive thinking, I'm ready to start my very own blog where I will occasionally share my life with you guys; adventures, music, every day life things, hauls, cute items found while shopping/online, etc.

Of course, being a resin artist, I will also be writing tutorials, sharing works in progress, and whatever else may strike my fancy. I hope you guys enjoy your stay. I look forward to opening up with my audience and allow you guys to know more about the people behind MooonSugars! Of course, Konnor and Hunter will always be making cameos ♥




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