♡ Which Resin Brand is Best? ♡

Truly in disbelief that I've been resin crafting since 2014. Time really does fly when you're having fun and doing what you love. Naturally, one of the questions I get asked most is, "What type of resin do you use?" The answer is easy! I use Art Resin, Pro Marine, and Liquid Diamonds! (Thank you to @enchantingdeco on Instagram for the LD recommendation!) It's easy to say that finding a new brand of resin that will meet all your needs could be a daunting task. Let's talk about some of the pros and cons of some resin brands I have personally used! As a disclaimer, I have not been paid by any of the brands that will be mentioned in this blog. All opinions are mine through trial and error and are reported with clear honestly! ♡

ProMarine Bar Top Epoxy Resin ProMarine Resin Part A Part B 1 Gallon

Pro Marine Supplies Table Top Epoxy

You are probably aware of Pro Marine Supplies's Resin as this resin is probably one of the more used and favorited by crafters of all kinds! I stepped away from the resin I was purchasing from Michaels and picked up this Table Top Epoxy as my first "professional" resin! Let's list some of the pros and cons of this resin brand!


  • Medium to thick consistency
  • Works well with acrylic paints, dyes, micas, powders, heavy glitters!!! (best IMO)
  • Self leveling for doming (glazing tops and bottoms of project)
  • Super hard once cured after 24hrs
  • 45 minute working time in 70°-79° temperature
  • UV resistant (will yellow slightly at high and prolonged levels of UV exposure)
  • No Fisheyes
  • Does release air very well! (will trap air bubbles if resin is mixed vigorously)
  • 8-9/10 on shininess once cured
  • Occasional discounts and sales via their website.
  • Super quick shipping 


  • Thick consistency may trap bubbles along edges in molds (removable with toothpick)
  • Does have a smell (work in well ventilated area)
  • Micro-bubbles may appear in colder temperature
  • Resin may quickly harden when mixing ratios are off/ warmer working temperatures
  • They blocked and ignored multiple comments regarding concerns on this epoxy being safe to eat off of.
  • Not available in stores for purchase. 

As you can see, Pro Marine Supplies's resin has many pros that outweigh cons. I personally stopped supporting the company due to an incident where the company was stating it was safe to eat from items made out of their resin. I personally would avoid using ANY resin for ANY items that require human ingestion as resin is porous and can be very harming if ingested! So If you decide to pick up some of this resin, be aware, but also have fun crafting!

Art Resin 1 Gallon

Art Resin

One of my favorite resins, but also the most expensive I use. This resin is a bit tricky to work with but I will list the pros and cons in terms of doming (glazing/ pouring resin on top/backside of charm for shine).


  • 10/10 Shine 
  • Releases air bubbles well (little to no air bubbles with heat gun)
  • Resin has amazing protection against UV (Never yellowed on me)
  • Long working time
  • Available at local crafting stores (Hobby Lobby, Michaels)


  • Has a slight smell
  • Full cure time is 72 hours (3 days)
  • On the expensive side! (One gallon of this resin is $119)
  • Little to no discounts offered
  • Has a chance at effecting quality of molds (can get stuck to silicone molds causing silicone tears)
  • Very sticky and difficult to clean! Try not to get this resin on surfaces/hands/etc.

This resin has been the best resin for doming as it leaves little to no bubbles depending on the method you use to de-gass. I continue to use art resin for both it's shine, but also for it's UV protection. I avoid using this resin directly with silicone molds. Nobody wants their molds to be destroyed so caution if this is the resin you want to try out!

Art N' Glow Epoxy Resin

Art 'N Glow Epoxy Resin

Oof. Need I say more? Just kidding, but honestly, this resin gave me the biggest headache ever. So much that this resin is actually on the list of resins I will never be purchasing again.


  • Great customer service (they did everything to help make the resin work for me)
  • Little or no smell from this resin
  • Medium-thick consistency great for dyes, acrylic paint, heavy glitters
  • Occasional sales via their website


  • 30-40 Minute working time
  • Glazing with this resin was difficult due to working time
  • Air release was subpar and lots of bubbles, big and small, were trapped despite heat gun
  • Not available in stores  

This resin just did not want to work with me, and the reason why is still unknown. I did everything I could to try and give this resin a chance. I really wanted to like it, but unfortunately, there were far too many reasons for me to decide to never purchase this resin again. I know it sounds dramatic but when you're aiming for near perfection, you need a product that will work for you! If you pick this up, I truly do hope everything works out! 

Pour-On Environtex Epoxy Resin

Envirotex Pour-On Epoxy Resin

The first resin I ever use! Ah! I personally love this resin for its price point, what it offers, and the availability in stores! Unfortunately, this resin was unable to meet my personal expectations for professional quality resin and of course, that's when I upgraded to Pro Marine Supplies Resin!


  • Super easy to get (purchase through Michael's Craft Store) 
  • Can use 60% off coupon (makes it only $17 for 36 oz!)
  • Little or no smell from this resin
  • Medium-thick consistency great for dyes, acrylic paint, heavy glitters
  • Beginner level resin
  • Little to no air bubbles depending on method of de-gassing
  • Will not damage molds
  • 45 minute working time


  • This resin will yellow over time 
  • 7-8 on shininess for glazing

There aren't many cons about this resin other than the yellowing and the level of shininess. I recommend using this resin if you are staring out and want to get a feel for resin without having to spend so much money! 

Liquid Diamonds 2:1 Casting Resin

Liquid Diamonds 2:1 Casting Resin

Personally, I feel like this resin is a hit or miss. It is very popular in the pen making worlds for it's water like consistency and it's crystal clear air release. Sounds like a dream right? Well let's talk about this resin for a bit!


  • Water like consistency (don't over stir! It will splash out of your container!)
  • Easily mixed
  • Gets into every nook and cranny due to low viscosity
  • Great for a base layers


  • Will take time getting used to a 2:1 ratio/low viscosity resin
  • Does NOT mix well with paints, pigments, glitters (glitter will sink)
  • Will still trap air bubbles, adding heat will leave strange effects (read below)
  • Glazing with this resin is NOT FUN (you need to allow resin to thicken before doming)
  • Leaves strange film on top of resin after pouring (still unsure of what this is or how to prevent it)
  • Leaves strange ripples on resin when using heat to pop bubbles on glazed area
  • Very expensive resin
  • Little to no coupons offered online

I only use this resin for clear layers or when I need to make sure there are no air bubbles being trapped in a detailed mold. This is one of those instances where a resin has many cons but can still work for someone!

♡ Conclusions ♡

All resin that is currently available on the market at the moment has something to offer that the next resin doesn't. Sometimes all it comes down to is the specific person that's using the resin! All the resins mentioned above are 100% my opinion and have been shared in hopes of aiding you on your quest of finding a resin that will meet your needs! Feel free to leave a comment with any questions you may have! I will try to answer all of them as they come, if any :^).


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  • Confused And Eager To Know on

    I’m just starting off with this whole resin craze I’m been feeling. I’m still unsure of exactly which resins to go with. Right now I’m using powder color. Glitter, glass pieces and foil. I want to get into the paint color. I want something that dries fast. What do you suggest?

  • 2 For You 2 on

    I’m just starting off with this whole resin craze I’m been feeling. I’m still unsure of exactly which resins to go with. Right now I’m using powder color. Glitter, glass pieces and foil. I want to get into the paint color. I want something that dries fast. What do you suggest?

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  • RML on

    Wow,These blog is very nice and informative. Thank you for sharing this information it helps me a lot.
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